What’s Working In Digital Experiences: Marketers Turn To Customized “Live” Experiences, Chat, Podcasts & Other Creative Approaches To Engage Buyers

With B2C digital experiences continuing to raise the bar and Zoom fatigue setting in, many B2B organizations are looking for new ways to offset the drop in digital engagement while reducing their reliance on video calls.

As a result, many organizations are experimenting with more intimate online experiences to engage their buyers, finding ways to personalize digital experiences for buyers with specific schedules, interests, and pain points. Marketers are also using “live” events, such as online executive seminars, cooking classes, wine tastings, etc., to create memorable buyer experiences that can also be repurposed into on-demand content.

Other organizations are focusing on internal collaboration and communication to create newer, more engaging buying experiences quickly and efficiently. Some are even investing in new technologies and strategies such as live chat, social media channels and AI-driven virtual assistants to enhance their digital engagement strategies.

This report will explore:

  • How businesses can create more agile digital experiences through internal collaboration;
  • How intimate, online experiences improve buyer engagement;
  • The benefits of repurposing pre-existing live content to create new digital experiences for the on-demand buyer; and
  • Specific tools and tactics organizations are using to engage buyers digitally and in real-time.

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