What’s Working In Intent-Based Strategies: Organizations Prioritize ‘Slow Drip’ Strategies To Engage Buyers

The modern B2B buyer is stealth — they frequently decline cookies and operate under the

anonymity of incognito servers and VPNs. With 41% of buyers indicating that the first step of

their buying journey is conducting anonymous research, marketers have viewed intent-based

strategies as the elixir to buyer identification. But in reality, harnessing its full power is only

possible by understanding its limitations.

With conflicting research cascading into newsfeeds outlining the changing buyer’s journey, the one thing that’s agreed upon is a shift toward prospect independence, as 87% of buyers want a self-service buying journey. It’s no longer about greeting prospects at the door; marketers now have to leave the key under the mat.

This report will analyze what successful practitioners are currently implementing to better leverage their intent-based strategies to create more cohesive, easier-to-navigate customer experiences. Specific topics of discussion include:

  • How to maximize intent data usage across all strategies, specifically ABM and advertising;
  • The growing adoption of monitoring intent post-sale to identify churn signals;
  • The role intent signals play in guiding content strategies and identifying which assets would resonate best with each buyer; and
  • Real-world case studies that highlight successful intent-based strategies and provide actionable advice.


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