What’s Working In Personalization? Marketers Rely On Relevancy To Drive Targeted Buying Experiences

Personalization is no longer a demand — it’s an expectation. With clear influences on the B2C side (see: Amazon’s recommended products and Netflix’s “up next” predictability), buyers are demanding relevant experiences that make them feel valued. It comes as no surprise, then, that about 1/3 of marketers recognized this change and enhanced their personalization strategies over the past year.
This new era of personalization is moving beyond name tokens to relevant experiences from the top-down, with a specific focus on content. With 55% of buyers indicating they want a strong story that resonates with them and wanting content tailored to their needs, 32% marketing teams have embraced the demand for personalization by relying on various datasets and informative tech stacks to create targeted assets, including personalized videos for prospects and interactive content that addresses their needs and concerns.

  • The factors fueling the shift toward personalizing all aspects of outreach beyond the initial email;
  • The various data sources needed to pull together relevant profiles on target buyers and existing customers;
  • The technologies companies are leveraging to identify buyer behavior; The emerging role of conversational marketing in freeing up more sales rep time; and
  • How marketers are applying personalization across all stages of the buyer’s journey pre- to post-sale.

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