What’s Working In Personalization? The Power Of Customizing Engagements

We’ve all gotten the “Hi [NAME]” email that masquerades as personalization. But there is more to connecting with buyers than addressing them by name. B2B marketing teams that embrace personalization strategies can accelerate buying journeys by proactively anticipating buyers’ needs and offering solutions to their pain points.

Personalization is key to advancing the buyer’s journey, but marketers must balance buyers’ contradictory desires for anonymization and relevant outreach. It’s clear that buyers want, and increasingly demand, relevant content and personalized experiences. That said, generic content and inauthentic messaging will no longer cut it. B2B marketers must adapt to these changing buyer behaviors.

Content marketing automation, account-based marketing (ABM) platforms and other tools are making the job of personalization easier and more effective, accurate and efficient. But more can be done. Throughout this report, we’ll discuss:

  • The top channels for delivering personalized experiences;
  • All the benefits of repurposing existing and high-performing content for various segments; and
  • How to deliver relevant experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

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