Why Account Insights Are The Missing Link In ABM Success

ABM focuses on targeting the right accounts at the right time and treating your prospect as a market of one. But an often-overlooked component within targeting campaigns is understanding the customer — and generating insights into account activities are the missing link.

The challenge lies in figuring out which points of information are most relevant to your prospect and crafting a plan to fully leverage them to drive engagement. Enterprise buyers are increasingly protective of their time, while a potential vendor that still expects the luxury of a lengthy introduction and a recounting of what challenges stand in the way of the organization’s progress is unlikely to move the relationship forward.

A tailored ABM account profile delivers the deep insight technology solution providers need to understand prospects. Proper alignment of your solutions with their unique needs is key.

Throughout this White Paper, you’ll discover best practices for generating and applying account-based insights in a way that builds engagement with high-value customers and nurtures connections for better results. Some of the areas covered include:

  • The insight elements that go into creating a custom ABM profile;
  • The value of human-based research over artificial intelligence;
  • How to start relevant, meaningful conversations and identify key stakeholders; and
  • How you can leverage account insights to develop personalized, tailored outreach that stands out to your prospect and elevates you above your competition.

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