Banzai Reach Seeks To Drive More Event Registrations

Published: May 7, 2024

Banzai is a marketing technology company that seeks to provide essential marketing and sales solutions for businesses of all sizes. Banzai helps companies of all sizes target, engage and measure new and existing customers more effectively.

Overview Of Banzai Reach

Reach, an expansion of Banzai’s product line, is a dedicated business unit focused on helping marketers drive successful event programs. The solution is designed to fill event registrations and sales pipelines by promoting events to a highly qualified, targeted audience identified through Banzai’s Audience AI capabilities.

Banzai Reach’s Back-Of-The-Box Details

According to Banzai, Reach is the premier audience acquisition solution purpose-built for event marketers. The platform leverages AI to identify and engage with the ideal audience for upcoming events through personalized multichannel campaigns, such as phone and email outreach.

Banzai Reach In Action

Reach is designed to solve the challenge of failing to connect with relevant, interested event prospects using broad, untargeted promotional tactics like mass email blasts or organic social media. It offers advanced audience targeting and personalized marketing strategies to increase registration rates. Thoughtspot, a business intelligence analytics company, increased event registration by 75% and reached $1 million in event-sourced revenue with the solution.

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What Makes Banzai Reach Special

Leveraging a database of more than 379 million professionals, Banzai Reach is designed to precisely target qualified prospects based on criteria like region, industry and job title to ensure strategic outreach and engagement.





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