In-Browser Lead Generation With SalesLoft

Published: December 10, 2014

SalesLoft Prospector is a lead generation automation tool that is designed to help users build lists of new prospects with data from social networks, which can in turn sync directly to the user’s CRM.


The solution is positioned to give users the ability to search for titles, industry and location — ultimately helping build accurate and targeted lists. SalesLoft is designed to make the lead generation process as simple as it is to search through Google.

The tool is also designed to capture social data for your search terms as indexed by Google. Users can add individual pieces — or an entire list — of social results data to SalesLoft Prospector with the click of a button.


SalesLoft Prospector can run prospect searches directly in the user’s Google Chrome browser with an available Chrome extension. Users can also sync data directly with, among other CRM systems.

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Pricing starts at $325 per month.

Competitive Positioning

SalesLoft Prospector can import prospects directly from social network search results, taking full advantage of the advanced filters available. The solution also allows users to obtain data from social prospects right within the social network, no matter the level of connection between the user and the prospect on that social network. A single click of a button brings all the requested social data.

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