Workdocs Aims To Streamline Real-Time Collaboration For Efficient Workflows

Published: September 6, 2021

The monday workdocs solution from enables organizations to build connected workflows  that provide users with enhanced collaboration capabilities and real-time updates on data changes, project statuses and timelines for more efficient team productivity.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The solution is designed to facilitate team collaboration within one unified document, using low-code software to allow for seamless collaboration and live project updates. Teams can manage and update their projects and deal documents with new data and status updates for more efficient workflows, enhanced alignment and increased productivity.

Additional features include:

  • A Real-Time Engine that enables multiple collaborators to update team documents in real-time, allowing anyone to build out new workflows, add new data and edit existing goals and to-do-lists without any system lag;
  • Connective Capabilities that allow individual team members to embed widgets that update automatically, such as charts, timelines and Gantt charts, into existing documents, helping teams skirt the need to manually re-send or re-upload documents with new data; and
  • Efficient project execution with seamless digital work documents that help teams create actionable, organized workflows and databases with greater organization.

Who It’s For

Monday workdocs is designed for B2B marketing, sales, customer experience and customer support teams who are looking to improve their internal collaboration and project execution with organized, seamless workflows.

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What Makes It Special

The solution is powered by a real-time engine and operating system technology that facilitates team collaboration through connected documents that can be updated automatically according to user preference with new data and widgets.


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