SalesboxAI Offers ABM & Demand Gen Programs Designed To Convert Intent Into Revenue

Published: June 5, 2023

SalesboxAI aims to help organizations detect, engage and convert intent into revenue using its conversational marketing platform and programs. SalesboxAI is designed to generate first-party intent within its network of more than 600 product topics to activate and fully manage content syndication, ABM and demand generation programs that deliver highly qualified leads to accelerate pipeline.

The Lowdown

SalesboxAI offers fully managed ABM and demand generation programs using a fully integrated Conversational Marketing platform to help drive awareness and generate high-intent leads for global B2B companies.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The solution is designed to empower B2B marketing teams to identify in-market accounts, drive quality engagement further down the funnel and convert intent into pipeline faster with the following programs:

  • Intent-driven ABM, designed to generate leads and drive awareness from within a target account list (TAL) using intent-based content syndication, email, LinkedIn and voice programs fully managed and optimized by SalesboxAI’s Conversational ABM platform and services;
  • Intent-Driven Demand Gen, which allows users to define their ideal customer profile from within SalesboxAI’s database of more than 100 million B2B professionals and generate high-intent leads from content syndication, LinkedIn, email and voice programs; and
  • Pipeline Acceleration, designed to activate pipeline using SalesboxAI Avatars to launch personalized, account-centric experiences across social, chat and email to meet customers where they are and drive conversations forward.  

Who It’s For

SalesboxAI is for global B2B tech companies that need to accelerate pipeline and revenue growth without the need for additional resources and additional cost.

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What It Solves

The solution is designed to solve lead volume, velocity and quality challenges. Avatars help identify intent and then drive meaningful conversations to improve lead quality.

What Makes It Special

SalesboxAI leverages first-party intent signals to reach and engage with IT buyers and the buying committee members. The tool can also help orchestrate 1:many hyper-personalized account centric experiences across social, chat and email as buyers research, discover and consider solutions. It is designed to deploy AI-driven bots to engage in conversations with buyers across the web, LinkedIn and email.

SalesboxAI is also designed to take ABM to another level by identifying up to five different personas to generate responses. Then conversations and interactions are scored and aggregated at the opportunity level, while progress and stage are tracked at the opportunity level giving deeper insights.


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