Velocify Introduces ReportHub For Sales Performance Insights

Published: March 6, 2017

ReportHub is a new business intelligence solution available with Velocify LeadManager. The company said the solution aims to help sales and marketing leaders digest an extensive amount of performance data to guide quicker, more informed decisions that can have a meaningful impact on revenue.


ReportHub is designed to provide actionable insight to evaluate and improve performance across sales reps, campaigns and lead sources. Similar to a digital fitness tracker for sales organizations, Velocify said ReportHub can help sales and marketing leaders deliver near real-time intelligence through data visualizations that guide quicker, more informed decisions about sales and marketing strategy and execution.

Organizations can access their performance data using interactive charts and graphs. Additionally, the company said ReportHub can also help users evaluate contact strategy, allocate sales team resources and improve lead sourcing efforts.


Velocify said any company with a sales organization can benefit from using its LeadManager with ReportHub, regardless of the industry. However, the company often sees success in verticals such as mortgage, insurance, education, debt, solar, real estate, home services, professional services and technology firms.

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The Velocify platform stores large volumes of sales activity data leveraged by ReportHub in its lead management software LeadManager. Velocify LeadManager also has an open API that integrates with multiple CRM systems, Loan Origination Systems (LOS), Agency Management Solutions (AMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS).


ReportHub is free with Velocify LeadManager, which starts at $60 per user/per month.


Professionals who use ReportHub typically play a central role in driving revenue for their organization, such as chief revenue officers, sales leaders, sales managers/directors, demand generation managers/directors, among others. Current clients include Guaranteed Rate.


ReportHub is designed to enable sales leaders and marketers to:

  • Gain insights into high and low return on call activity by time of day and day of week to better inform staff allocation decisions;
  • Identify coaching opportunities by recognizing reps performing below the team average; and
  • Improve sales pipeline health through assessments of how quickly deals are moving to the next sales stage.




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