Clearbit Updates Platform To Help Users Uncover Hidden Pipeline

Published: October 15, 2021

Clearbit, a data-tools provider for B2B companies, enhanced the Reveal and Enrichment capabilities within its real-time data platform. These updates are centered around revealing hidden accounts within marketing, sales and RevOps teams’ pipeline to help users increase their customer acquisition and conversion rates.

The solutions are designed to analyze an organization’s website activity for full-funnel visibility, enhancing its teams’ buyer intelligence of customer journeys to enable content personalization and tailored conversations at various touchpoints. With the new updates, Clearbit Reveal and Enrichment can help users:

  • Identify and engage hidden accounts active on their websites for increased customer acquisition;
  • Remain aware when high-priority accounts enter their website and identify what they are looking for based on previously stored journey data;
  • Leverage visitor information to build personalized content and tailored outreach for enhanced ad targeting campaigns; and
  • Sync account activity data into their CRMs and MAPs to allow sales teams to leverage buyer insights in their sales conversations instantly for increased conversions.

“Clearbit helps today’s fastest-growing companies compete and win by providing a full picture of their digital funnel and enabling them to apply real-time intelligence at the most critical moments,” said Andrew O’Neal, Clearbit’s Chief Product Officer, in a statement. “With our data and platform, we’re uniquely positioned to help teams not only identify their engaged prospects, but also apply the precise targeting and personalization that could mean the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity.”

Clearbit has been on a hot streak in its mission to enhance buyer intelligence for its B2B clients. The company’s recent unveiling of its Weekly Visitor Report also helps users increase website visibility, allowing them to improve outbound marketing through weekly analytics reports for a more comprehensive buyer database.

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