OneSpot Unveils Content Insights Tool For Consumption Analysis

Published: December 14, 2016

OneSpot, a content marketing platform, has launched OneSpot Insights, a content tool that the company states can help users better analyze content consumption to optimize production and sourcing.

Offered within the company’s Content Sequencing platform, the tool tracks online audience engagement by individual topics and categories to inform content creation, according to the company. The dashboard has preconfigured content topic bubble charts, maps detailing content interest in geographic locations and content interest-over-time graphs.

The solution also enables marketers to collect and analyze specific content marketing metrics, including:

  • Topic Audience Size: Relative and absolute number of users engaging with various content marketing topics;
  • Repeat Engagement Rate: The frequency and depth of consumption, by the same users, of content marketing topics; and
  • Active Engaged Time: The amount of time that users are paying attention to content based on in-tab activity, cursor movements and more.

“We designed Insights to give marketers a clear, detailed view into how people are really interacting with their branded editorial content so they have the actionable information they need to optimize content creation and fine-tune their overall content marketing strategy,” said Steve Sachs, CEO of OneSpot, in a statement.

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