Pardot Adds Opt-In Tracking Code For EU Privacy Directive Compliance

Published: June 23, 2011

While developing a solution that conforms to EU policy, Pardot also has developed a universal opt-out initiative to comply with the U.S. Do Not Track Initiative. Rather than a pop-up verification, the decision to opt-out is controlled by the visitor’s web browser. Web site visitors who opt out of tracking will still have a lead record in Pardot, but with a more limited scope of information. Page views, landing page views and file downloads are not tracked for those who choose to opt out. Information on emails activity such as messages sent, opened, clicked on, as well as any information submitted via form or landing page is still visible in Pardot.

“Any other vendors we’ve seen offer this type of setting take an all-or-nothing approach, meaning every visitor to your site is pestered by pop-ups, even when it’s not necessary,” said Adam Blitzer, Co-Founder and COO at Pardot. “With the changing landscape of prospect tracking, we feel a responsibility to provide our clients with tools so they can get the most of marketing automation technology while still respecting the individual regulations of each country they do business with.”

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