PathFactory Launches Gen AI-Powered B2B Buying Agent

Published: June 27, 2024

PathFactory, a B2B content intelligence marketing platform, released ChatFactory, a generative AI-powered buying agent designed to leverage content intelligence and human-like conversation to help answer buyers’ questions, make content recommendations and create personalized and shareable content libraries.

Specifically, ChatFactory seeks to:

  • Provide tailored AI-generated answers, content recommendations and auto-generated customized microsites;
  • Transform static website repositories into interactive information hubs based on a users’ content and resources;
  • Create a custom agent experience for key accounts with specific, tailored content, including secure access to private assets including discovery, contracts and pricing;
  • Share instant, human-like responses to buyer questions in real-time; and
  • Leverage AI confidence scores and user ratings to optimize content and identify gaps in the buyers’ journey.

“ChatFactory cuts through the clutter of clunky, traditional chatbots and hard-to-navigate vendor websites to give buyers the information they need, when and how they want it,” said Dev Ganesan, President and CEO of PathFactory, in a statement. “By enhancing the self-directed buyers’ journey, vendors are able to generate more qualified leads and close more sales. It’s a win-win for buyers and sellers.”

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