Launches Tool To Enable Email Personalization At Scale

Published: April 25, 2023

Quick Scoop:

  • revealed Rapid Writer, a tool designed to help sales teams scale hyper-personalized cold email outreach.
  • The tool leverages generative AI to automatically generate personalized content for email recipients., a generative AI SaaS platform provider, launched Rapid Writer, a new feature designed to automatically create highly personalized cold emails. Using generative AI, the tool aims to help sales teams scale their outreach for more effective and less time-consuming prospecting.


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According to research, the average response rate to advanced personalized emails is 17%, compared to emails without advanced personalization at 7%. Rapid Writer is designed to generate personalized content for each email step throughout a sales sequence so sellers can spend less time researching.

“Our AI models are optimized based on best practices from more than 55 million email data points while also learning from data relevant to your company and your buyer, such as target personas and their pain points and value props,” said Srinath Sridhar, Co-founder and CEO of, in a statement. “When combined, this provides superior messaging outputs that require less editing and are more personalized to your recipient.”

Matt Millen, Co-founder and President of, added, “With the launch of Rapid Writer, we are teeing ourselves up to pioneer the next stage of sales productivity, one where sellers can understand the next best action to take with all of their prospects and deliver a human first buying experience without sacrificing reach.”

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