2022 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey: Marketers Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity; Increasing Aggression Around Growth Initiatives

As the light at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic tunnel keeps flickering, expectations for driving growth in 2022 are growing — bringing along a push for increased pipeline performance and accountability. Based on insights gathered from the “2022 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey,” marketers are planning to ramp up the support for their demand gen programs.

As teams focus on quality over quantity, they’re going all-in on ABM initiatives and targeted, customized buyer programs. The survey found that marketers are taking what they learned about prospect preferences and successful strategies over the past two years to prioritize aggressive growth strategies.

With ABM strategies now firmly established, organizations are looking to optimize existing campaigns in the new year to better target in-market, high-priority leads. Just look at the increased budgets respondents forecasted: 69% indicated their budgets will increase between 1% and 20%, reflecting what’s seen in the bigger picture of total marketing budgets, as 72% of respondents indicated increases between 1% and 20%. With that in mind, almost one third of respondents (31%) indicated they plan to increase revenue by more than 20%.

With ABM and sales enablement ranking as top investment priorities, this report will examine how the prioritization of content and personalization indicates a bigger focus on tailored, customized offerings.

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