Dramatically Increase Content Engagement With These Digital Publishing Tricks

Dramatically Increase Content Engagement With These Digital Publishing Tricks

The effectiveness of B2B content marketing is spiraling into the abyss – declining click-through rates, mountains of unused content and poor top-of-funnel conversion all demonstrate that current models of content distribution and engagement are broken.

Why? Too many marketers claim success once that initial click is generated… but the goal of marketing is to educate, influence and qualify your buyer. Can you really declare victory if all you can prove is that they clicked?

Online publishers – from the New York Times to YouTube – are in the business of sustaining attention. They want you to consume as much content per session as possible, in an effort to generate more clicks and eyeballs for advertisers. To suck you in and get you reading and watching more, they’re pros at optimizing content experiences for viewers.

By contrast, B2B marketers tend to focus more on attracting their buyer’s attention with less emphasis on keeping them engaged. The trend in B2B content marketing favors clicks and form fills over actual engagement, leading to poorly educated and qualified prospects.

Attend this webinar to hear how revenue-focused marketers are turning the tables on traditional approaches to content marketing and yielding greater returns from their current programs by focusing on one simple thing – keeping their prospects engaged after they click.

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