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2017 ABM Benchmark Survey: 74% Of Marketers Say Its Meeting Or Exceeding Expectations

Research Shows Early ABM Rollouts Hitting The Mark In Meeting Business Goals, As B2B Organizations Look To Expand Impact

The buzz around ABM has been so loud for the past 18 months, it's understandable that some industry watchers have quickly categorized it as overhyped. However, Demand Gen Report's Second Annual ABM Benchmark Survey served as a good reality check for naysayers, as it highlighted that that 52% of respondents said their ABM strategy has only been in place less than six months, and 56% categorized their efforts as in the "early stage of and testing our ABM program."

Download this report to dive into the full survey results, including:

  • The processes and tools companies are using to build and optimize their account lists;
  • The technologies B2B marketers are prioritizing to support their ABM strategy;
  • The type of content offers/experiences B2B brands are offering as part of their ABM initiatives;
  • How brands are integrating traditional demand generation efforts with an ABM processes; and
  • The top challenges marketers are encountering as they look to expand their ABM strategies.

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