Using Data Triggers to Drive Marketing and Sales

Using Data Triggers to Drive Marketing and Sales

Have you ever purchased an umbrella on a sunny day? Chances are you haven’t, since there was no immediate need. But the second those rain clouds start to roll in, all of those previously uninterested buyers are ready to snap them up. The moral of this story? Timing really is everything.

During the webinar, Charlie Allieri, Aberdeen’s Chief Data Officer and Andrew Moravick, Aberdeen’s Senior Research Associate will challenge preconceived notions about predictive data, address how marketers can use trigger data to complement their sales and marketing processes, and explain where targeted content can augment that process.

This webinar will explore:

  • How do marketers make use of the large amount of data they see every day and how can they put it in context so that it’s useful?
  • What kind of questions can we start to answer, that we didn’t think were answerable before, by looking at data differently?
  • What kind of content do marketers need to deliver against these triggers?

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