Exclaimer Email Signatures Work To Unify Branding Across Channels

Published: May 22, 2024

Exclaimer is a provider of email signature solutions designed to empower email signature management by delivering consistent branding, promoting marketing campaigns and company news, gathering real-time customer feedback and more.

Solution Overview

Exclaimer is designed to amplify every email with optimized email signatures for the entire organization.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

According to the company, Exclaimer guarantees consistent, branded signatures on every email across all devices, from mobile to Macs. Exclaimer reportedly provides users with the ability to automate and schedule signature updates as needed, and the solution integrates with Office 365, Google Workspace or Exchange. It also features an engagement dashboard to highlight a campaign’s full impact.

Who It’s For

Exclaimer works to unify branding and make a statement on every corporate email, as well as drive traffic, social followers and engagement. It also helps monitor campaign effectiveness and ROI with an analytics dashboard.

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What Makes It Special

Some of Exclaimer’s unique capabilities include an analytics dashboard, appointment booking links, image and design features and security standards.



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