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ON24 Unveils Benchmarking Insights For Webinar Platform

ON24 launched a benchmarking analytics feature that gives users an expanded view of audience engagement, as well as the ability to compare webinar performance with other companies.

ON24 Benchmarking enables customers to compare webinar performance with other companies in their industry, according to the company. Expanding on users’ existing databases will offer a granular view of specific metrics such as engagement score, conversion rate, average live attendees, average registrants and more.

Some of the segments available for use at launch include technology, life sciences, finance and many others.

 “It's difficult to find the information that matters to your business. We can compare webinar events among our clients, and when you start looking at it from an industry perspective, you can see that the data and insight differs,” said Jessica Foth, Senior Product Marketing Manager at ON24, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “We wanted to make that information actionable for our audience, and that involves making the data more granular. Now you can view benchmark data on webinars being held within the same industry and verticals.”