#B2BSMX Recap: How Storytelling Elevates B2B Engagement & Remedies Growing Pains

Published: August 11, 2023

B2B companies constantly seek new, innovative ways to engage with their audience and stand out. When companies can leverage the captivating power of narratives, they can create deeper connections, engage their targets on an emotional level and communicate complex ideas in a more relatable and memorable way.

Through vivid characters, compelling plots and thought-provoking themes, storytelling can transform mere information into a compelling and impactful experience for both the storyteller and the audience.

Mastering B2B Engagement In The Age Of Storytelling

In B2B, storytelling goes beyond simply conveying information; it’s about crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with potential clients and customers.

During his keynote session, “Effective B2B Engagement In The Narrative Generation,” at the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange (#B2BSMX), Peter Prodromou, President of Boathouse Group, shared that storytelling can be a game-changer for building brand loyalty, establishing credibility and driving business success.

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“Many people think that narrative marketing only applies to B2C, but that’s not true,” Prodromou said. “With the rise of smartphones and social media, we now have the opportunity to connect with individuals and see how they impact brands, policies and more. Traditional brand marketing is no longer as effective.”

He continued that a key benefits of incorporating storytelling into B2B engagement strategies is humanizing brands and creating an emotional connection with the audience. By sharing relatable stories, companies can showcase their values, expertise and unique selling propositions in a way that captures the attention and interest of decision-makers.

“Instead of being committed to a single brand expression, companies should prioritize concurrent conversations across various channels and with different stakeholders,” Prodromou explained. “This includes customers, partners, investors and regulators. By taking control of the narrative agenda, companies can effectively shape their reputation and influence others.”

Storytelling’s Role In ABM Strategies

Storytelling is highly effective on the account level, as well, as highlighted in “Why Personalization Is Critical For Successful Account-Based Marketing.” Digitalzone’s Team Lead of Customer Success Sarah Kleinman and Director of Digital Marketing Drew Flowerdayshared how a storytellingallows businesses to build stronger customer connections, enhance brand loyalty and create more impactful marketing strategies.

“With ABM, you can craft customized marketing strategies that resonate with your ideal customers,” explained Flowerday. “But remember, personalization doesn’t stop at the message: To maximize success, prioritize personalization at every step of the customer journey. Give your business the edge to stand out and engage your target audience with ABM.”

Moreover, storytelling allows B2B organizations to showcase their successes and demonstrate how their solutions have delivered tangible results for their clients. By presenting real-life case studies and customer testimonials within a narrative framework, companies can build trust and credibility, making it easier for prospects to envision the value they could derive from engaging with the brand.

“The ability to control narrative and narrative structure to get all of your constituent groups working on your behalf to drive value creation and penetrate new markets — that’s the new definition of brand,” concluded Prodromou.

Industry RevOps Leaders Share Revenue Realities & Remedies

Industry-leading CROs understand that compelling storytelling requires a deep understanding of their target audience. By conducting thorough market research and customer segmentation, businesses can tailor their narratives to address specific buyer personas’ pain points, challenges and aspirations.

“People, process and technology should be the focus of priorities,” said Brooke Duffy, CRO of PickIt, during a CRO-led panel discussion. “Evaluate what you need based on the capabilities of your people and what works in your process. Understand the customer journey and identify the gaps. Can you do that with the people, process and tech that you have? Then go from there in terms of remedying.”

The panel brought together revenue team leaders from various B2B brands, including start-ups and large teams. They discussed topics such as tech tools for buyer engagement, the role of data in understanding buying behaviors, the significance of people and processes and steps to enhance pipeline performance. This includes leveraging artificial intelligence, data analytics and automation technologies to enhance customer experiences, streamline sales processes and drive revenue growth.

When companies can prioritize the integration of new technologies into business systems, it can deliver immediate benefits. This approach showcases the return on investment to leadership and ensures that end users can fully appreciate the value. Subsequently, it is crucial to evaluate technological shortcomings and tackle the ones causing the most significant challenges.

“We’re always one tech away from success, it seems,” said Zach Jones, CRO of TechnologyAdvice, during the panel discussion. “Start with sales tools that implement quick wins. Incorporate enablement and ops from the start. Ensures it’s all adopted simply and efficiently. Only helping have personal, meaningful engagement with prospects.”

During “Let’s Buy Some ABM: 3 Considerations Before Making The Leap Into ABM Tech,” Nick Bhutani, former VP of Product Marketing and Marketing Operations at Cision, emphasized that the same principle applies to ABM solutions. He shared the importance of establishing robust relationships from operational and IT perspectives to be ABM-ready.

Mastering B2B engagement through storytelling is an art that can unlock new revenue opportunities and realities for businesses. By crafting compelling narratives, companies can establish meaningful connections, humanize their brands and drive business success.

Alongside other new revenue remedies and realities, such as embracing technology and data-driven strategies, industry-leading CROs have the potential to revolutionize B2B engagement and achieve remarkable results.

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