Demandbase Builds Momentum Via Real-Time ID Service, Partners With Bulldog Solutions

Published: October 25, 2011

“We need the tools to capitalize on online interactions in real time but, before Demandbase, there were no BtoB-focused solutions to help us optimize our web conversion,” said Amit Varshneya, VP Marketing at Hexaware, a Demandbase customer engaged through the Eloqua partnership. “We can now identify our most valuable business segments and deliver a better experience, improve the data quality of leads going into Eloqua, and increase the overall efficacy of our sales and marketing strategies. We have really hit it out of the park since we have plugged Demandbase into Eloqua.”

Eleven Demandbase customers, including NetApp, were nominated for Eloqua’s Markie Awards, which honor excellence in marketing and celebrate the leading achievements of Eloqua users in campaign creativity and innovation. For the past five years, the awards have recognized outstanding achievement in fields such as sales impact, revenue growth and best lead nurturing programs.

The Demandbase Real-Time ID Service is built on a cloud-based business data network and correlation platform that maps more than 1.3 billion IP addresses to millions of global companies, designed to identify business web traffic without using cookies. Demandbase reported it has mapped more than 85% of BtoB traffic on the web, using account based targeting to drive better web site engagement and overall web marketing conversion.  

In other Demandbase news, the company announced a partnership with Limelight Networks to integrate its Limelight Dynamic Site Platform with Real-Time ID. The partnership is aimed at helping BtoB marketers optimize the web site experience by tailoring content to site visitors using real-time data.

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Limelight Dynamic Site Platform leverages the Demandbase Real-Time ID API to provide marketers with firmographic information, such as the visitor’s company, industry, company size, revenue, and customer status (new prospect, existing customer, competitor, etc.). Marketers can then incorporate this information into Dynamic Site Platform to deliver targeted content, promotions, and calls-to-action that turn anonymous visitors into qualified leads. The solution offers features including anonymous visitor identification, account-based visitor management, visitor segmentation, progressive profiling and reporting.

Demandbase also recently announced a partnership with Bulldog Solutions, developed to better equip BtoB marketers with the data and content they need for engaging in more effective prospect interactions.

Austin-based Bulldog Solutions develops and executes BtoB demand-generation programs designed to empower marketers to have a greater impact on driving new business and increasing revenue.

Through the partnership, Bulldog will include Demandbase’s Real-Time ID Service and plug-ins as part of the company’s BtoB demand-generation offerings. Additionally, Demandbase will begin leveraging Bulldog to deliver demand-generation programs to clients.

“This partnership is a natural fit given the vast demand-generation expertise and innovative sales and marketing performance solutions that each of our companies delivers to BtoB organizations,” said Rob Solomon, Founder and CEO of Bulldog Solutions. “Clients will have access to more reliable prospect data and be better positioned to drive more effective nurturing strategies and improve marketing conversions.”

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