DemandScience Launches New Email Tool, ReplyForce

Published: May 10, 2023

Quick Scoop:

  • DemandScience debuted ReplyForce, a new tool designed to optimize and refine email campaigns.
  • ReplyForce will deliver 100 free contacts matched to users’ ideal customer profiles once a month.
  • Additionally, ReplyForce will supply customizable templates, audience filters and deep insights into email metrics.

DemandScience, a B2B demand generation company, released ReplyForce, a free email tool designed to accelerate growth for small and mid-sized businesses. The new solution will provide each user with 100 free contacts matched to their target audiences every month and offer customizable templates.

ReplyForce offers numerous built-in features, including an email warm-up nurture, the ability to upload exclusion lists to ensure free leads from ReplyForce don’t overlap with existing lists, FAQs, links to articles on building successful email programs and more. Specifically, Replyforce seeks to help users:

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  • Use filters to refine their target audience;
  • Upload pre-existing contact lists to run all email campaigns; and
  • Optimize campaign performance with metrics on emails sent, opened, links clicked and replies.

“Users at small and mid-sized organizations are often budget-constrained and face challenges managing their email campaigns,” said Peter Cannone, Chair and CEO of DemandScience, in a statement. “We’re providing ReplyForce as a free email outreach tool as part of our commitment to making B2B sales and marketing jobs easier. By helping them find their next customers, attract VC funding or book sales meetings today, they will remember DemandScience forever. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

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