Folloze Announces GeneratorAI To Help Unlock Personalized Buyer Experiences At Scale

Published: December 14, 2023

Folloze, a no-code B2B buyer experience platform, released Folloze GeneratorAI, a content engine that seeks to enable marketers to create targeted and personalized campaign experiences at scale. 

GeneratorAI leverages Folloze Experience templates to help simplify how marketers build targeted campaign experiences with increased accuracy for buyers at any stage of their journey. It is designed to improve productivity by providing a layer of generative AI to support on-demand, rapid board building for any scenario. Within the Folloze Buyer Experience Platform, GeneratorAI uses simple prompts — based on an organization’s broader business, marketing or product messaging — to provide AI-generated content that aligns with their outcomes and goals.

“We are witnessing a transformational change powered by AI that influences every aspect of the B2B GTM process,” said David Brutman, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder at Folloze, in a statement. “After the initial excitement around generative AI, now businesses are looking to embed these capabilities in a way that drives clear business value. We are excited to add generative AI capabilities with the release of Folloze GeneratorAI to drive higher performance and quality in customer engagement. This together with our content recommendation capabilities and content classification provide marketers with powerful insights and the ability to create smart, agile and relevant experiences at scale.”

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