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Influ2 Launches Person-Based Marketing Platform

Source: Influ2 Source: Influ2

Influ2, a person-based marketing (PBM) solution provider, has released a new platform designed to use machine learning to help B2B marketers develop and deliver customized marketing campaigns.

The new platform is designed to integrate with a marketer’s CRM software and provide the tools to generate personalized campaigns that can reach high-level decision makers within target accounts. It is positioned to place customized advertisements on social networks and online media — such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook — to drive brand awareness and demand generation.

Influ2 also aims to deliver insights into content engagement. The platform’s name-by-name tracker is designed to show who clicked on what content, including their name, email, title, company and LinkedIn profile. The feature can also show when they interacted with the content and for how long. In addition, marketers can receive click and view notifications directly to their email or phone.

According to Influ2 CEO and Co-Founder Dmitri Lisitski, the platform aims to address the challenges of ABM, such as repeatedly targeting the wrong buyers with irrelevant advertisements.

"Person-based marketing (PBM) is the next step in the evolution of B2B marketing,” said Lisitski in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “It takes ABM to the next level — being more precise, more effective and more measurable. With our PBM platform, ABM practitioners can dig deeper and start engaging people behind the accounts they’ve been targeting. Forget about faceless web traffic. Every click in a PBM campaign creates an engagement opportunity for the demand generation team.”