HubSpot Launches “Marketing Grader” Tool After Grading 4 Million Web Sites

Published: December 6, 2011

The tool also offers marketing tips, such as specific actions to improve a company’s grade. Marketing Grader uses more than 30 measures, compared to just nine for Website Grader. Marketing Grader is designed to help companies answer key questions around the effectiveness of competitive benchmarking, lead generation, social media, mobile marketing, blogging and overall analysis, such as:

•     Is my marketing more or less effective than my competition?

•     Are my marketing efforts generating enough leads and sales?

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•     Is my web presence optimized for mobile devices?

•     How effectively are we using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in our marketing?

•     Is my blog driving results that justify the time investment or are we wasting time doing the wrong things?

•     What are the strong points and shortcomings in our marketing?

“In this economy, marketers must kick off 2012 focused on the right strategy and tactics to succeed,” said Mike Volpe, CMO, HubSpot.  “Marketing Grader can make all the difference.”

“Website Grader was built to measure website marketing effectiveness, which made sense in 2006,” said Brian Halligan, Co-Founder & CEO of HubSpot. “A lot changed in five years. Marketing goes way beyond just your web site to include social media engagement, amplification of content and participation across the web. Marketing Grader is built from the ground up to measure marketing effectiveness the way great online marketing is done today — going well beyond company web sites.”

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