Silverpop Launches New Features Focused on Social, Mobile and Local Marketing Strategies

Published: May 11, 2011

“The most successful marketers will not just throw money behind the next big thing, but will thoughtfully evaluate their mocial strategy, carefully considering which channels are best suited for certain types of content, which are best for retention, and which will be strongest as acquisition tools,” said Loren McDonald, Vice President of Industry Relations for Silverpop.  “And a key component will be re-evaluating their email program, shifting some communications to social or mobile channels and clearing the way for email to live up to its promise as a highly targeted, one-to-one messaging channel.”

Additionally, Silverpop now offers email opt-in via SMS message and location-based marketing capabilities via a FourSquare “To Do Button” option.  Through this functionality, marketers create personalized, location-based marketing messages that recipients can easily add to their FourSquare account—delivering incredibly relevant offers at the time of check-in. 

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