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Your Attention Please! 4 Keys To Capturing & Maintaining Buyer Engagement

  • Written by Vincent Fontana, Selling Simplified
  • Published in Demanding Views

1vinceIt’s no secret. The explosion of information available to us has created the ultimate battle for attention. There are simply too many attention demands put on us:  advertisers want attention in and out of home. Friends and family want attention on Facebook and Instagram. Colleagues and every marketer alive vie for attention in our inbox.  

Yet, there’s only so much to give and the stakes are high. Marketers must ask, “How do we adapt to this to rise above the barrier of marketing noise, gain buyer attention, maintain it and convert engagement into opportunity?”

Here’s how:

Great Data Is Good Business

Marketers spend a lot of time and money on demand creation. But what we don’t seem to spend enough on is the technology and services available to us to ensure that what we capture is always relevant and highly actionable. Shouldn’t data cleansing and enrichment play a significant role for every marketer? Move over big data; better data leads to revenue.

Play To The Crowd

Understanding Ideal Customer Profiles and Total Addressable Market is critical.  They inform whom and where to target, the personas of the multiple buyers within accounts and the content required to grab attention and spark engagement that drives revenue. We all know this, but are we making it standard practice? Creating the ultimate audience machine means targeting buyers ready for your message. 

Take It Personal

Or rather, make it personal. We live in an age where on-demand access to content has transformed how buyers research purchase decisions. Platforms like Netflix and YouTube have become the fabric of our lives. Content where, when and how much we want is pervasive.  Shouldn’t it be so in B2B marketing? If we make brand engagement personal, delivering content in ways buyers prefer, we earn more of that resource we desire: attention.

Cause A Stir

Consider modern marketing like mixology. The blend that turns attention into meaningful engagement is about using select ingredients. If we know our audience, the next step is creating relevant, impactful content. Yet, the widely missing, key ingredient is adoption of a leading-edge content delivery platform that is purpose-built to deliver an innovative approach to buyer engagement, providing curated content plays that allow buyers to consume what they want, when they want, without the wait. We invest a lot in martech, but are we really achieving what we desire?

Modern marketers must transform their stacks by changing the way they deliver content in order to capture and maintain real buyer engagement and change the game. It’s that simple.

Vincent Fontana is VP Global Marketing at Selling Simplified where he leads all aspects of marketing.  Prior to this role, he spent over two years at the firm building and running a global customer success team whose mission is to deliver world-class client experiences, with focus on retention and revenue growth.  Vincent is passionate about B2B demand gen where he has spent the last 17 years of his career, however his other interests include food, travel, music and the arts, football (American and European), as well as spending time in Lake Tahoe.  Born and raised in Oakland, CA, he currently resides there with his wife and daughter.  He attended UC Santa Barbara majoring in English Literature and French.