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Altify Unveils Account Planning Solution With Augmented Intelligence

Altify, a sales performance software provider, has released Altify Max, an augmented intelligence solution designed to improve account planning and accelerate the sales cycle.

The solution aims to provide account representatives and sales team members with real-time advice on how to manage and improve account plans and sales opportunities. Altify Max is designed to offer insights into potential risks of deal advancement or closure, as well as prompt sales representatives to schedule account reviews and provide advice on how to improve account strategies, grow pipeline and generate more sales opportunities.

Altify Max is positioned to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is designed with a custom data output, so customers can ensure the data remains in the European Union.

The release also includes new coaching and training offerings for sales leaders and teams, as well as improvements to the Altify Relationship Map, so users can visualize and track more relationships among account contacts. Users can then export the insights directly to Quip, a collaboration tool, for streamlined account planning and management.

“Enterprise selling and account management require the sales team to have deep understanding of people and problems to navigate the account,” says Anthony Reynolds, CEO of Altify, in a statement. “Our Summer ‘18 release transforms enterprise selling by bringing augmented intelligence directly into the account plan [and] providing sales leaders and teams with the coaching and guidance they need to sell more effectively every day.”