Leadspace Doubles Customer Base in Q1

Published: April 18, 2013

Leadspace, a B2B social lead targeting technology provider, doubled its customer base in Q1 over the previous quarter as B2B brands such as Marketo, Jive and Stylesight adopted the company’s social lead targeting solution to refine customer acquisition and boost sales efficiency.

Leadspace solution enables marketers to precisely target their ideal customer and optimize the time, effort and money spent to convert the most valuable prospects, according to company officials.

At the core of the Leadspace social lead targeting platform is the Ideal Buyer profile, which is created automatically by analyzing the online presence of existing customers. Leadspace culls the social web, as well as existing marketing databases, to identify individuals who match the Ideal Buyer profile based on qualitative data such as social network postings, blogs, web sites and other online activities.

“By analyzing contextual, unstructured data from the web alongside conventional lead systems, Leadspace enables marketers and sales teams to identify new, highly targeted customers and focus their efforts on nurturing those who are most valuable,” said Amnon Mishor, Leadspace Co-Founder and VP of Products.

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