JotForm Launches ‘Cards’ Solution For Interactive Forms

Published: February 6, 2018

JotForm Cards are designed to interact with respondents like a real person would. JotForm Cards are forms that aim to be motivational, friendly and easy compared to other types of forms. The end result is greatly improved response rates.


JotForm Cards features include:

  • A single form question per page to increase focus;
  • A motivating progress bar to encourage form completion;
  • Micro animations designed to interact with the respondent like a real person;
  • Smart embedding intended to automatically match a website’s aesthetic and brand; and
  • 100% mobile optimization to enable filling out forms on any device.


The most common JotForm users are small businesses that need a way to collect data, and don’t have technical resources in-house. Common users include marketers, sales managers and HR professionals.


JotForm integrates with dozens of other business tools, including CRMs such as Salesforce, Highrise, Insightly, Zoho and Infusionsoft. It also sends data automatically to email marketing services, task management systems and cloud storage software.

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JotForm pricing is based on how much it’s being used. For most users, JotForm is completely free, but paid plans start at $19/month for users who collect more than 100 responses through their forms per month.


Current customers include Asana, Uber, CardConnect, Delta Airlines and Adobe.


JotForm aims to offer the smallest barrier between people being able to create and publish online forms. The newest product, JotForm Cards, is focused on getting the end user to fill out a form.


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