Sitecore Content Hub Aims To Help Manage Content Creation & Distribution

Published: October 26, 2020

Sitecore, a customer experience management company, aims to support marketers’ strategy, planning, creation, management and collaboration efforts with version 3.4 of its SaaS platform, Sitecore Content Hub. The solution is designed to help organizations improve their internal content creation and distribution workflows in digital channels.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The Sitecore Content Hub is designed to provide users with solutions in digital asset management, product content management, marketing resource management and content marketing platform capabilities. These solutions include AI and video capabilities, as well as integrations from third-party solutions.

Version 3.4 of the platform now includes:

  • Content AI, which is designed to analyze images for similarity to other images and provides brands with access to alternatives;
  • The ability to generate metadata and video transcripts via AI analysis from Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services;
  • Enhanced Web to Print capabilities designed to simplify and automate graphic production across digital and print publishing; and
  • Smarter navigation and mass edit templates for on-the-fly tagging.

Who It’s For

The Sitecore Content Hub is designed for brands, marketers and content stakeholders looking to manage every aspect of marketing content in all channels from one solution.

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What Makes It Special

The unified platform aims to help marketers work as a unified force, empowering them facilitate collaboration, streamline internal processes and gain feedback on the effectiveness of their content.


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