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B2B Star Search: Looking For The 2022 Class Of Innovators

It’s clear the B2B landscape is changing — as 80% of buyers choose self-service channels and 55% indicate they rely on more content than they did a year ago, it takes the savviest marketing minds to create engaging strategies and campaigns that prioritize buyers’ litany of preferences.

The 6th Annual B2B Innovator Awards will celebrate the most progressive marketing and sales practitioners pushing the envelope to effectively engage prospective customers and meet their buyers’ needs in the age of digital transformation. With 13 categories, including Generation Z Trailblazers, SMB Maestros and Diversity & Inclusion Champions, the Awards will honor innovators who:

  • Helped break new ground and/or drive specific results within their company;
  • Successfully implemented of the innovative strategy or concept — especially related to performance marketing and driving revenue;
  • Creatively and effective engaged prospective buyers and met buyers’ needs; and
  • Conceptualized and/or launched a specific and innovative B2B strategy, campaign or idea.

The B2B Innovator Awards will recognize and honor cutting-edge marketers with an awards ceremony at the company’s B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange and a corresponding, exclusive special report. If you or any of your team members thought outside the box last year to move your company forward, fill out the nomination form now.