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NDash Doubles Conversion Rates With Marketing Automation

Source: nDash Source: nDash

NDash, a SaaS content creation platform, needed to find a marketing solution with all the standard automation functions, as well as excellent customer service. The company turned to Mautic, a marketing cloud provider.

The Challenge

NDash had a difficult time finding a solution that fully addressed all its marketing and customer service needs, according to Matt Solar, VP of Marketing.

“Aside from the standard marketing needs, such as email marketing, we needed a tool with flexible integrations that could scale and easily extract user information from our platform to ensure we optimize the funnel and increase engagement,” he said. “We’ve used other marketing automation software for several years and we were always dissatisfied with their flexibility and their support.”

The Solution

Solar said Mautic provided the marketing automation tools and excellent customer service that nDash had long been searching for. NDash uses Mautic to segment users by their sales and engagement lifecycle stages, streamline internal messaging around key accounts and manage email marketing campaigns.

“Mautic offered a similar feature set to what other tools offered, plus, being open source, faster innovation,” said Solar. “Most importantly, we could actually get their support on the phone — even if we needed their engineers.”

The solution’s enhanced flexibility also allowed nDash’s customer success team to better utilize the API and create customer tasks in Salesforce.

Solar added that a key perk for nDash was the constant communication between he and his team and Mautic’s support team. “I can’t remember the last week when I didn’t exchange at least a few emails with our customer support point of contact,” he said.

The Result

After switching to Mautic, Solar said nDash saw a 50% increase in its conversion rates. This led to savings in the marketing budget, which could be reallocated for product development.

“We experienced a massive engagement increase as a result of implementing the tool and, as expected, their support team has helped with everything from QA’ing advanced campaign logic to getting their engineers involved to discuss best practices for structuring API calls,” Solar said.

Additionally, the company’s sales numbers have grown 300%, largely because Mautic enabled nDash to better improve its efforts across marketing, sales and customer success.