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Hive9 Aims To Automate B2B Journey Mapping Process With New Release

1hive9Marketing performance management company Hive9 unveiled a new solution designed to automate the journey mapping process for B2B organizations. The solution analyzes a variety of customer journeys and prospective buyers to map marketing and sales touchpoints that can lead to a higher propensity to close deals.

Its capabilities also include built-in tag management and messaging functionality designed to help marketing and sales create the right sequence of messaging and content to drive more prospects to take a particular path to purchase.

 “We’re excited to help marketers get an automated, interactive journey map of the actual touch points from marketing and sales along the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle,” said Darin Hicks, CEO of Hive9, in a statement. “By driving clear marketing actions based on which assets and sequences are working to best influence pipeline and revenue, companies can improve the customer experience, retain customers and create advocates faster.”