Kognitiv Launches AI-Native, Outcome-Based Solution

Published: April 4, 2024

Kognitiv, an AI-powered marketing platform, added Kognitiv Amplify, an AI-native, outcome-based paid media optimization software, to its product line-up. The new release is designed to enhance brands’ acquisition and customer engagement strategies by delivering highly targeted cross-channel advertising at scale.

​Kognitiv Amplify seeks to bring outcome-based planning, execution and optimization to paid media with AI-powered hyper-personalization, cross-channel workflow automation and real-time optimization. By leveraging zero- and first-party data, Kognitiv Amplify was created to incorporate paid media channels into the full customer lifecycle journey from acquisition to retention.

Behind-The-Scenes Of Kognitiv Amplify

Kognitiv’s latest solution is powered by the company’s proprietary AI engine, Kognition, which combines hundreds of AI/ML models — such as customer lifetime value, propensity, churn and more — to help deliver 1:1 personalization at scale. According to Kognitiv, Kognition evaluates millions of attributes, predicts future customer behavior and prescribes the “perfect” interaction for every customer to meet the brand’s predefined business goals. It also features an integrated feedback loop designed to track attribution and optimize customer engagement in real-time.

“With Kognitiv Amplify, we’ve created a tool that will enable marketers to make better budgeting and planning decisions that will maximize their return-on-ad-spend while acquiring more and better customers at a lower cost-per-acquisition,” said Anthony Wintheiser, Chief Product Officer at Kognitiv, in a statement. “Kognitiv Amplify’s AI-native decisioning allows brands to combine their advertising data with zero and first-party data, as well as curated third-party sources to deliver highly personalized ads to new and existing customers for a connected cross-channel experience, while continually refining audience targeting based on real-time insights.”

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