ABM Hits And Headaches

This infographic from Uberflip outlines the top priorities of marketers diving into ABM, as well as the most common challenges they face upon execution.

The Benefits Of Aligning IT And Marketing

Thought leaders tend to focus on the benefits of aligning marketing and sales, but the IT department should not be overlooked. According to this infographic from ClickDimensions, 78% of IT professionals think they work collaboratively with marketing, yet only 58% of marketers agree.

Do I Really Need To Worry About Content Experience?

This infographic from Uberflip details the value of content marketing and the need for optimization. According to the infographic, 28% of people will stop engaging with content if the layout is poorly designed and companies that create personalized content are 26% more profitable than their peers.

Payoffs Of Personalization

This infographic from Bound explores the state of content marketing and the importance of gathering actionable data to drive personalized experiences. It also includes a checklist for successful end-to-end personalization.

5 Simple Steps To Alignment Across The Customer Experience

Marketing and sales alignment is a frequent topic of discussion, but it's a challenge for many B2B companies to achieve. This infographic from Kapost outlines five practical steps B2B businesses can take to ensure their sales and marketing teams are fully aligned, including establishing regular meetings, creating universal personas and…

How To Create Video Content For Content Marketing

This infographic from NewsCred Insights offers tips on how to create a winning content marketing strategy with video. Takeaways include how to establish a video feedback process and repurpose video content to maximize shelf life and cut spending.

Your ABM Summer Road Trip Itinerary

This infographic from Demandbase maps out the six essential steps to ABM success, including aligning sales and marketing, building out your target account list and investing in the right tools.