What’s Working In Buyer Engagement? Crafting Narratives That Weave Together Multiple Touchpoints

Despite all the turbulence taking place in the B2B industry, the one constant is practitioners’ desire to buy new products, technologies and solutions. As buyers navigate through a stormy economy, it appears they’re at a crossroads: 31% of marketers indicated that they had to delay potential purchases due to budget freezes, while 29% said they actually escalated some purchases due to changing business needs, according to new research.

Amidst tight economic times and heightened rivalries, marketing teams must be savvier than ever when engaging buyers, who are laser-focused on adopting solutions that generate tangible results. Tapping into insights from Demand Gen Report’s recently released “2023 B2B Buyer’s Survey,” this special report will outline:

  • How organizations can increase their digital presence to help prospects and customers seamlessly navigate through online channels;
  • How to use data and analytics to understand buyers’ needs and preferences, and then deliver personalized content and offers;
  • The power of providing omnichannel engagement for buyers, so they can interact with companies on their own terms, whether it’s online, offline or on social media; and
  • Real-world examples of how successful companies are working to engage buyers.


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