Imagen Offers Video Management Platform Designed To Store, Manage & View Content

Published: January 3, 2020

Imagen is an intuitive video management platform that is designed to enable sports organizations, media companies and enterprise sectors to intelligently manage their video content with enhanced functionality, control and insight. Imagen is being used by global organizations to manage and distribute their expanding video and media libraries – enabling fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through the highly customizable platform.


Imagen’s cloud-based solution is designed to allow users and other stakeholders to access media assets through a highly secure, self-serve web-based platform. Imagen aims to enable customers to:

  • Store media assets in the cloud in an organized, efficient and scalable way, providing easy access and control;
  • Use advanced security features, including expiring links, watermarking, secure downloads and GEO-IP blocking and permission sets;
  • Implement a powerful search functionality, allowing users to explore the entire library based on keywords to instantly find media assets, including video and images;
  • Use and commercialize video, giving insight into how media assets are being used, allowing customers to demonstrate ROI as well as use insight to create media libraries and plan content with analytics; and
  • Manage media by storing, managing and viewing in one place with high-speed file delivery functionality.


Imagen targets CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, media managers, video rights holders and marketers across enterprise, media and sports verticals.


Imagen integrates with third-party systems. Its fully-documented REST API enables the video management software to connect to a wide range of external services to extend the capabilities of the platform. That means that common business services, such as CRM or ERP systems can connect to Imagen to access all types of rich media or update database records.

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Imagen sells the platform in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model that is broken down into the following elements:

• Imagen Platform Subscription
This is an annual fee inclusive of Subscription to the platform, Support and Web Theme. This includes access to the latest releases as they are rolled out.

• Hosting Services
The Virtual Machines required to support and power your service. Procured through Microsoft Azure, or another cloud supplier. Costs are calculated on use throughout each contractual year and are directly passed through.

• Professional Services
This is a Year 1-only cost, unless further bespoke work is required. Workdays required to setup and deploy the solution. Any onboarding and migration of media or metadata required, as well as training sessions conducted by Imagen’s team.


Imagen’s clients include Major League Baseball, Reuters, BBC and Auburn University.


Imagen aims to be the world’s smartest video management platform and is an expert in multimedia storage, management and distribution. Many customers, organizations and Imagen competitors find multimedia challenging and it’s difficult to become a leading platform across many asset types, including video. This coupled with a completely customizable web-based interface really sets Imagen apart.


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