NetFactor Rolls Out Update To FormIQ Prospect Intelligence Platform

Published: August 20, 2012

Over the past few years, a number of vendors have built solutions that append and expand upon the data entered in traditional web forms. This includes netFactor, whose formIQ service uses behavioral tracking, analytics and third-party databases to create a more detailed picture of an inbound lead.

FormIQ includes a wealth of lead contact and profile data, including social media handles. It provides information about the prospect’s current on-site behavior (such as page views and time on site) along with long-term site visit data, search keywords used, and referring web sites. The formIQ solution also presents detailed company background information, geo-location data based on the user’s IP address, and information on the visitor’s previous work history and job titles, when the information is available from third-party sources.

According to a netFactor press release, the company in early August rolled out a significant update to the formIQ service. The updated features include:

  • Available person background – When the information is available, a background on the contact who has submitted the contact form can appear in the formIQ Alerts.  Background information could include previous titles and companies of the registrant to give insight on the potential prospect.
  • Multiple forms – Clients now have the ability to receive alerts from multiple registration forms.  This feature benefits those who, for example, have a “Contact Us”, a newsletter subscription, and a white paper sign up forms.
  • Multiple recipients – Clients can choose to enter more than one email address or list serve to receive formIQ Alerts.
  • Automated billing engine – For their convenience, clients can enter in a credit card for automatic monthly payments.
  • Online reporting – Within reporting, clients can sort, filter and export out inbound leads.

“From the beginning, it has been our goal to drive growth for clients by providing actionable intelligence on the website visitor,” states netFactor CEO, Christopher Jeffers. “The new features of formIQ stay true to this by streamlining business processes and enabling companies to respond quicker to their very best leads – those who are practically raising their hands.”

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According to the company, the formIQ service works with a company’s existing web forms; an administrator simply drops a line of javascript into the page code, similar to that used for Google Analytics or other cloud-based analytics tools.

FormIQ pricing ranges from $39-$119 per month, depending upon the number of formIQ alerts provided, the number of desired recipients, visitor traffic and other factors. A 90 day free trial of the cloud-based service is also available.

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