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Qualified Releases Next-Gen Conversational Sales & Marketing Platform

Qualified, a conversational sales and marketing platform, introduced Qualified X, a new tool designed to help sales teams identify important buyers on their website and provide users with the tools needed to engage prospects instantly.

The platform’s features include:

  • Live Stream, which enables sales reps to see all VIP website visitors in a real-time, command center experience;
  • The ability to instantly identify website visitors and bucket them into predefined Segments according to the user’s buying criteria;
  • Onsite Routing and Alerts, which helps sales repstraverse the Salesforce data model as soon as a new visitor arrives on the site and identify every field on leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities;
  • The ability to engage important visitors with Pounce, which quickly connects sales reps with visitors actively browsing the site;
  • Sales Leaderboards, an analytics tool that keeps a pulse on successful sales reps and those who need more coaching; and
  • The ability to gain more insight into website visitor behavior and conversation performance with Conversation Flow Analytics and Session Reports.

“In today’s remote selling environment, it’s no longer enough to sit back and wait for buyers to initiate inbound conversations — that’s like expecting to hit a home run without ever taking a swing,” said Kraig Swensrud, Co-founder and CEO at Qualified, in a statement. “Through every digital channel, proactive engagement increases the number of conversations with buyers. Qualified X arms today’s virtual sales reps with the knowledge and the tools they need to execute proactive conversations, right on their corporate websites.”