BrightInfo Integrates With HubSpot To Automate Personalization, Content Recommendations

Published: April 21, 2015

BrightInfo, a content analysis and web site personalization tool, has integrated with HubSpot‘s marketing automation platform. The move positions marketers to automatically generate individualized content recommendations for anonymous visitors to their web site or landing pages based on buyer behaviors.

The integration is designed to give BrightInfo access to the user’s portfolio of content located within HubSpot, which can then be used to automatically provide content recommendations based on how visitors are behaving. Supplying visitors with this relevant content is intended to help move anonymous visitors along the buying cycle, ultimately turning them into known prospects and boosting conversion rates.

Other features from the integration include:

  • Tools and insights to help recognize and target known leads and anonymous visitors differently;
  • Added insights from behavioral data gathered from BrightInfo for lead scoring and nurturing; and
  • Store leads generated through BrightInfo forms directly within HubSpot.


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“The buyer’s purchase journey had changed; according to CEB, 57% of the customer purchase decision is complete before a customer ever contacts the business,” said Boaz Grinvald, CEO of BrightInfo. “It is critical for businesses to engage with their anonymous visitors and help them become known prospects or customers. We are honored to work with HubSpot customers to help them accelerate their growth.”

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