Demandbase Introduces AI-Powered Business Graph For B2B

Published: October 3, 2016

Demandbase has unveiled DemandGraph, a business graph driven by artificial intelligence that now powers the account-based marketing technology provider’s solutions.

DemandGraph captures and monitors business behavior and relationships across businesses worldwide, pulling and deciphering data from not only a company’s own website and CRM, but also billions of web pages on the internet, according to the company. Marketers can then use the data to find out about their company’s customers, partners, suppliers, competitors, investments and regulatory filings.

“The result is a clear picture of the network of relationships between all B2B businesses,” explained Chris Golec, Founder and CEO of Demandbase, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “We’re going beyond the business directory. The way a business exists online is much different than how it exists physically. DemandGraph is a sophisticated way of helping B2B marketers find companies in the market for their products and services.”

The company cites its 2016 acquisition of data science company Spiderbook as one of the moves that led to this AI rollout. The combination of Spiderbook’s technology and Demandbase’s data makes it possible for DemandGraph to read and structure a large amount of information that is then deciphered by AI, the company said.

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Demandbase’s Chief Product Officer Alan Fletcher described DemandGraph as a “personal concierge” to help marketers and salespeople deliver personalization throughout the entire funnel. “That consistency in messaging throughout the whole sales funnel is what we’re trying to do, and you can only do that if you have the underlying data,” he told Demand Gen Report. “It’s what the best account managers already do today, but it obviously doesn’t scale. Large companies can only do it for their top 200 targets.”

This rollout from Demandbase comes on the heels of announcements by Salesforce and Oracle touting big investments in AI across their solutions. DemandGraph, however, is a bit different from Salesforce’s Einstein or Oracle’s Adaptive Intelligent Applications, according to Fletcher, because those solutions pull data “from within their four walls,” and Demandbase is pulling data from everywhere on the internet.

“It’s like going into Google, typing in a company name, reading everything that exists on it, recognizing the context in which the company name/word is being used, then understanding the linkages between all of the companies,” Fletcher explained.

The type of information that comprises DemandGraph includes:

  • Unstructured business knowledge, such as SEC filings and annual reports;
  • Demandbase’s proprietary identification technology that maps billions of network IP addresses to businesses worldwide;
  • Complex corporate hierarchies and vendor, customer and partner relationships; and
  • The digital footprint of businesses, including ad impressions and web traffic.

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