9 Ways To Use Meal-Based Marketing Throughout The Sales Funnel

Let’s face it: “Zoom fatigue” is real. People are experiencing virtual burnout, yet every day, they wake up to more emails for virtual engagement. And those inboxes are only growing — 40% of event marketing budgets are being shifted to hosting webinars and digital events, and nine out of 10 B2B decision makers believe that new digital sales practices will be a fixture through 2021 and beyond. With the abundance of meeting requests and virtual invites flooding consumers’ inboxes, how can organizations stand out?

Whether it’s a webinar for thousands or a 1-on-1 sales meeting, offering a meal is a proven method for increasing engagement. Meal-based marketing is a warm and welcome way for businesses to make their outreach connect with their target audience. Everyone has to eat, and everyone appreciates a free meal. It’s “let’s do lunch” for the 21st century, but it’s not just lunch.

This E-book will detail nine ways meal-based marketing is applicable at various points throughout the buyer’s journey, but the potential that meal credits hold is as limitless as an organization’s creativity.

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