How An Optimized Tech Stack Drives Award Winning Campaigns

How An Optimized Tech Stack Drives Award Winning Campaigns

A Behind The Scenes Look Into The Marketo-hub Tech Stack Booker Uses to Drive Massive Results

After recently being named one of the Killer Content Award winners for its interactive campaigns, high growth software company Booker will share background into how technology is helping to drive impressive marketing results.

In providing a behind the scenes look at its strategy and supporting tech stack, Booker will share how it achieved massive results in 2015, including:

  • Growing year-over-year SLAs by 3.8x
  • Increasing its engaged pipeline by > 8X
  • Cutting its lead gen spend by over 50%, and
  • Increasing lead quality by 25%.

All while expanding into several new markets, reducing churn and helping to increase salesperson yield by more than double.

Booker executives will share insights into how its award-winning tech stack, with Marketo at its heart, helps to support each step of the prospect and client journey.

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