The 90-Day Roadmap To Full-Funnel ABM

This E-book follows a new CMO’s journey as they quickly transform their outdated approach of relying on old-school lead generation programs that don’t perform in today’s world.

It provides prescriptive insights from ABM veterans and offers specific guidance to build a more targeted approach for the right audience and then apply an integrated strategy across multiple channels and business functions to engage target buyers.

The E-book will also show the positive results they will see by the end of the journey, illustrated through use cases and benchmarks, with specific examples including:

  • Higher response rates to emails and outreach;
  • Higher engagement rates across all accounts;
  • Increased “conversations” with key buyers within each top account;
  • Increases in qualified sales opportunities;
  • Increases in deal velocity and/or pipeline generated; and
  • Higher win rates.

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