What’s Working In Content Marketing? AI-Generated Content Streamlining Workflows; Orgs Refining Segmentation

B2B buyers are five times more likely to engage with content than traditional sales outreach, but an oversaturated landscape makes creating engaging and unique content easier said than done. Luckily, the latest advancements in AI — specifically, generative AI — are helping marketers streamline content creation and curate highly relevant assets quicker.

This special report will explore the content preferences of modern buyers with expert insights to uncover how successful practitioners are approaching content marketing. Specific topics of discussion include:

  • How practitioners are using data to segment their audiences and deliver highly targeted content;
  • The latest research into B2B buyer habits and the content types they prefer;
  • The increasing popularity of video — whether it’s CTV, webinars or YouTube videos — to engage and educate buyers while building brand awareness;
  • The power of leveraging thought leadership content, case studies and peer reviews to build credibility; and
  • How organizations are embracing the “edit, then take credit” mentality when leveraging content technology such as generative AI to streamline the content creation process


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