What’s Working In Direct Mail? Putting Recipients In Control Through Self-Service Gifting


Successful demand generation is an increasingly elusive task for many B2B marketers, as they must balance multichannel engagement, self-service capabilities and tailored content with privacy restrictions and concerns. But these challenges haven’t stopped marketers from innovating: They’re now prioritizing quality over quantity and investing in marketing operations to build more authentic relationships with potential customers.

Leveraging hot-off-the-press insights from Demand Gen Report’s “2023 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey,” this special report explores some of the top tactics and formats industry leaders are deploying as they refine what’s working in demand generation in 2023 and beyond, including:

How marketers are shifting from lead volume and MQL generation to more high-quality leads;

The growing role of the marketing operations function as it relates to demand generation goals;

The growing effectiveness of AI and intent data on demand gen initiatives and how to leverage both to their fullest potential; and

The comeback of in-person events and what it means for demand gen initiatives, alongside trends in video marketing, to reach and engage target audiences.


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