What’s Working In Database Strategies? Cleansing Data To Ensure Relevant Outreach

According to the “State of Marketing Automation 2022” survey, 38% of respondents cited improving data and decision-making as an important advantage of marketing automation, and 43% are focused on improving the customer experience.

In other words, spammy, impersonal outreach doesn’t cut it anymore. With desires to increase customer acquisition and bolster brand loyalty, marketers are adding as many new contacts as possible, targeting specific segments for better engagement, identifying key stakeholders in key accounts and more.

This special report takes a deep dive into how B2B marketers are refining their data strategies, with a focus on how successful practitioners are executing data-backed outreach. Specific topics of discussions include:

  • How modern practitioners are building their first-party data strategies to strengthen their 1:1 targeting capabilities through highly relevant outreach;
  • The power of ensuring all departments have access to a centralized database of knowledge and best practices for maintaining such a large hub;
  • The steps companies are taking to address their biggest data challenges, which include struggling to collect account, recipient and contact-level data; and
  • The role of third-party data providers in helping practitioners create more targeted outreach.

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